" Come sit by my side and over a cup of tea, speak to me of the goodness of life."
Lady Evelyn Fitzgerald Dodson

Monday, May 31, 2010

Blueberry muffins

Tea on the Parlor moved outside for breakfast tea on the patio today, where homemade blueberry muffins and pancakes were served with Yorkshire Tea.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yorkshire Loose Leaf Tea

Yorkshire Tea and a large cinnamon twist from La Parisienne Baguette Bakery--afternoon tea delight.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tohono Chul Tea Rom

A very kind friend thanked me for an easy favor (which I was delighted to do) with a gift certificate to the Tohono Chul Tea Room. I've brunched, lunched, and had tea there before, but as it's been quite a while since I had the afternoon tea, I decided a tea date with myself was in order.

The assorted finger sandwiches (4 in total: egg salad, chicken salad, cucumber, and cheese) were quite good, although nothing out of the ordinary. The sweets (4 in total: a brownie, carrot cake, a nut-based confection, and a cranberry scone) were also quite good. I wish each was a smidge bigger, so I could gorge myself, although I left perfectly sated. My only complaint on the food: the scone was on the dry side, impossible to cut without shattering and too big to eat with your fingers. Precious morsels were lost to my clumsy knife. The pot of their Sonoran Sunrise Breakfast Black was delicious, but two and a half small cups just whetted my appetite--I could have easily consumed another cup or two. No offers were made to refill. On the down side: my first tea cup arrived cracked, and the fork was dirty. Just a simple dishwasher issue, but with the reputation the Tohono Chul Tea Room has, surprising.

Still, a recommendation for the tea room is offered. The atmosphere in the park is gorgeous, the historic structure which houses it just lovely, and the air of grace delightful. The Tohono Chul Park Tea Room wins hands down for atmosphere of all the tea rooms in the city.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chantilly Tea Room

I wanted to treat my friends who pet-sat for me to a lovely thank you, and what more charming place that at Chantilly Tea Room? They began serving breakfast there in the fall, and having enjoyed myself so much in October when I tried it out, I knew breakfast was in order this time.

We drank that day's special, a rose-infused black tea, and Yorkshire Gold. As always, the food was very good, promptly served, by a smiling and friendly waitress. I had the fritatta, while the others both had breakfasts that could have doubled as desserts (maple french toast and the special). I've lunched here, as well, and the menu at both meals, while not extensive, is good. The tea pot is filled with hot water as soon as it needs refilling (tea lovers always know when a tea lover is serving them, or a tea lover is the owner/manager--your pot is never empty for long).

The signature of Chantilly is choosing your tea cup from their collection of antique and new tea cups, to which you are led quite ceremoniously after you chose your tea (two pots per table from a fairly extensive list of black teas and tisanes). Antique and new sets and individual cups are for sale and are gorgeous. Lacy aprons, tea note cards, and loose leaf tea (Harney and Sons and others) are sold in the little shop. Chantilly is a very Victorian and feminine tea room with pink walls, lacy fichus and aprons hanging from screens, and a cosy fireplace with a dainty love seat, but I've seen men partaking of the tea delights each time I've been there. A very small patio makes breakfast dining delightful. I always enjoy visits to Chantilly. It makes a tired, dusty scientist feel very girly again.