" Come sit by my side and over a cup of tea, speak to me of the goodness of life."
Lady Evelyn Fitzgerald Dodson

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Adagio Brigadoon Breakfast

We love old movies here in the parlor, and are especially fond of musicals, and especially musicals with Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire. Imagine our delight to find a tea last year named after one of our favorite movie musicals, "Brigadoon."

We purchased some Adagio Brigadoon Breakfast in 2016, but like the town itself, our review disappeared. Like the fictional town, it's reappeared when least expected. Adagio has created it's own niche with marketing gimmicks like fandom blends and Earl Grey Bella Luna, only sold on full moon days. Brigadoon Breakfast is the ultimate example of these gimmick teas, available only on Leap Day. And dang, if we didn't fall for the gimmick, and dang, if it we didn't like the tea.

Despite the gimmick, it is a lovely blend of Assam and Keemun teas, two of our favorites here in the parlor, made more aesthetic by the addition of Silver Needle. We were very fond of Brigadoon Breakfast and were very sad when it disappeared into the mists. We are Tommy, wandering the heather and missing what we had so briefly. We will definitely procure a larger amount of tea come 2020 so we can stash some for movie viewing and early mornings when the mist seeps around the heather. Or as close as we can get to that daydream in the desert.

Yes, we fell for the gimmick because in this instance, the tea was very good. If you like a strong, hearty tea, you'll like this one. Sip it while watching Brigadoon and humming "Bonnie Jean."

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Peet's Breakfast Blend Tea and Specialty's Coffee Shop

Some coffee shops do tea better than others, and Specialty's in Seattle is one of them. They serve Peet's Coffees, well known in the northwest and now available even in the desert, and their own tea. The Breakfast Blend was strong yet smooth, and a perfect way to kickstart a long day. Best part--they put two tea bags in my medium-sized tea so it was good and strong. And I loved the urban decor--open, accessible, modern.

Minor quibble: why do so many baristas insist on filling a tea all the way to the top of the cup, so the hapless tea lover have to pour off water into the garbage bin if they want to put milk and sweetener in it? I spilled tea all over the counter and myself trying to close the lid after adding honey and skim. What a waste of deliciousness.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Twining's Organic Breakfast Blend

Twining's Organic Breakfast Blend is a lovely, mild, and very smooth black tea blend that is perfect for both the first cuppa the day or a mid-day pick-me-up. The blend of Assam and Kenyan teas (which I realize I really like) is perfect for milk and sugar lovers but robust enough to drink black. And for those who are concerned with how their tea is grown and processed--organic, which we love.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Timothy's Irish Breakfast Tea

This hot holiday morning we are sampling Timothy's Irish Breakfast Tea. It's fairly robust, although not as robust as PG Tips, with fewer tannins. It's smooth, and holds up to milk and honey. We're serving it with spinach and onion mini quiches and turkey bacon.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Beekman 1802 Rise and Shine Morning Blend

In the morning, we look for a brisk, strong, flavorful tea to get our selves on track for the day. Recently a friend who is very much into all things trendy shared Beekman 1802 Rise and Shine Morning Blend tea. This is a blend which actual ingredients we haven't been able to track down. However, it's very mild so we suspect it is largely orange pekoe with maybe some green tea. While we love fair trade and organic teas here in the parlor, we also prize taste, and for us, this is just too mild and meek a tea. However, this may be a suitable tea for a new tea drinker or a youngster. 

We served it with homemade blueberry pancakes topped with fresh blueberries and turkey bacon.   

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Crossroads Coffee Company

No, you read that right; today I am reviewing a small coffee house that serves tea. Most coffee shops make a half hearted effort to provide tea for the erstwhile tea drinker who wanders in, but selection is usually limited. A certain huge chain has gotten my tea order wrong 4 times out of 5, so hot water plus teabag, which seems pretty easy when compared to lattes and espressos and made up foreign-sounding names, is perhaps more difficult than this tea drinker suspected.

Yesterday I met my friend for a 2.5-mile exercise walk, and then we went to The Crossroads Coffee Company for a light refreshment (we deserved it, don't you think, after 2.5 miles?). They serve Mighty Leaf teas, one of my bagged favorites. Mighty Leaf teas are strong and flavorful, and The Crossroads Coffee Company provided both black and herbal tea choices. Honey as well as raw sugar, but only skim milk (half and half is available, but tea drinkers never use half and half) were provided. I had a bacon and cheddar scone with my tea that was slightly on the dry side, but savory scones can be hard to keep both savory and moist, so I am not faulting them that. My friend had a feta and spinach item that looked delicious and which she said was very rich.

The ambiance was nice, with a few comfy chairs and a small sofa, a small patio, a gelato bar, and a vape lounge. (We did not know this was a thing.) We found it enjoyable and now have a place where we can safely order a hot tea and not receive an iced coffee instead (ahem, large chain coffee provider).

Monday, May 2, 2016

Teaberry's Vanilla Cookie

This morning we enjoyed a brisk and breezy patio breakfast. We felt like celebrating such fine weather, and what better way than to drink a tea that is almost like dessert? Teaberry is our favorite tea room of all time, and we bought this sample on our last visit there. We can't recommend Teaberry's highly enough--delicious food, delicious tea, and gorgeous venue.

Vanilla cookie is a sweet black tea blend, with hints of vanilla, that rolls across the palate. Not an everyday tea for us, because it is a bit on the sweet side, but a lovely scent and a smooth flavor.