" Come sit by my side and over a cup of tea, speak to me of the goodness of life."
Lady Evelyn Fitzgerald Dodson

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tejava Iced Tea

Several coworkers absolutely love Tejava iced tea, and as our warm winter is rapidly giving way to a very early spring, it's iced tea time in the parlor.

Tejava was strong and brisk, just the way we like our tea, and unsweetened, which we prefer. In all honesty, the taste is very similar to the cold brew we make from tea bags 9and for much cheaper). We drank more than half the liter at one meal, and polished off the rest over the afternoon. Yes, we drink gallons of iced tea in the parlor. For convenience reasons, Tejava would be an excellent choice for iced tea on the run, but budgeted tea drinkers would do well to make their own cold brew iced tea from large quart-sized bags provided by several companies.

The delicious Tejava iced tea accompanied a half-homemade spinach and mushroom pizza--light, tasty, and refreshing. Iced tea is a wonderful drink for just about any meal.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The English Tea Murder by Leslie Meier

The parlor is so well-stocked with tea that we made an unofficial resolution last month not to purchase any more until the caddy was nearing empty. We have been enjoying our Adagio Valentine's tea this week, the Yorkshire loose leaf on weekends, Bigelow English afternoon tea for breakfast, and this afternoon, Ausperitea Silk Road Bazaar Kandy Mid-grown Organic Ceylon.So while we have no new tea reviews to offer, we can mention a book we read recently which title caught our eye.

The English Tea Murder is a later entry in the Lucy Stone mystery series by Leslie Meier, and while a full review will be posted later this month at our sister site, BookTeaCatDog, here we'll note that tea lovers may enjoy this book. The protagonist and her friends are touring England, determined to have a real English cream tea, and are beset every afternoon when they try to find a tea room by circumstances beyond their control, some of which are quite amusing. Tea is consumed at several points through the story, and lovely descriptions of strawberries and clotted cream are provided. The ladies do eventually get their cream tea, a long-awaited delight that we tea lovers can sympathize with and which brought up lovely memories of our own cream teas in England, many years ago.